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Odunsi Decides To Take Us Deep Into A Dream State

Odunsi's aesthetic since the days of 'In The Morning' and 'Alte Cruise' has continued to develop at a rapid pace, as he edges closer towards worldwide recognition of his sound as an artist and producer. This progression is also evident in the music. Odunsi's last releases came in August of 2019 with the singles 'Better Days' and Wetin' Dey', the latter being a summer-inspired bounce/afro-pop record with a bright and sweet sound.

Odunsi's latest release 'Decided' ends his almost year-long hiatus from releasing music, accompanied by the powerful vocals of Nigerian based songstress TEMS who has also found recognition from her single ‘Try Me’. Decided is a smooth steer away from the themes of his prior songs thematically, releases 7 months ago. Odunsi gets introspective on this record whilst keeping an infectious drum pattern and chorus with an almost Kid Cudi inspired backing melody. TEMS begins the song with a beautiful metaphor of struggling with emotions the depths of sleep, Odusni's verse speaks about a strenuous relationship with his father as a youth but realising that if he lost the relationship he has with his father now, he would be lost in the deep end of sadness. Odusi Spoke about the record by saying “the song is for anyone that is battling with anything in their lives and dealing with loads of anxiety.” He goes on to say “it’s about fighting death in sleep.” Decided is a great introduction to what is next for Odunsi after a critically acclaimed first offering with 'Rare'. We look forward to more from the Afro-Fusion star. listen to 'Decided' below.

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