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chigratt's Latest EP Confesses All To Her

chigratt is a 20 year old RnB artist from Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Just six months after the release of his debut project ...And Suddenly, I Fell In Love with You, chigratt is back to bolster his already impressive catalog of music. His first project was received with critical acclaim and allowed him the opportunity to be Apple Music Africa's June 2019 new artist of the month.

THE NIGHT I CONFESSED TO HER is a deeper dive into chigratt’s past relationships and personal experiences at certain points in his life. On making this project, He shared. when explaining his mindstate while recording this project, he states:

“I was just trying to tell tales/ stories throughout the entire body of work, I already had the direction from the get-go, I had the full concept, knew the name of the E.P and the whole theme, the only problem I faced while trying to put this project together was how to transform these stories, experiences, feelings into actual songs that an average person could relate with easily”.

This 5 song offering, all written, performed and produced by the artist himself, sees chigratt sharing his feelings with the audience while displaying masterful songwriting skills well beyond his years. In order to bring this to life chigratt spent time reviewing and connecting to his past and intricately crafting these stories now that he’s grown from them. The project has a vintage sound with a wealth of emotion, vocally and lyrically. when detailing the feelings he aimed to translate to his audience, chigratt says:

“I really want the listeners to just let themselves go and connect to that same energy they once had or still have about love. I feel like the songs on this project should not only tell my story but they should also tell the stories of others”.

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