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Who Is Suave Sinatra?

Suave Sinatra is an upcoming wavey artist from London. With building a growing audience on SoundCloud, the rapper has a collection of notable tracks on SoundCloud as well as 2 bigger projects. Inspired by life, he started making music back in 2017. Since then he has collaborated with the likes of Lancey Foux on his latest project ’The Redemption’ on track 'Extinction'. Watch the newly released visual below.

One of his most prominent tracks ‘Maybach Dreams’ which featured on his ‘Suavinski - EP’ last year is a drippy hit. Co-Directed by himself the visuals correlate well with the energy of the track, accompanied with a young woman it shows them going around a theme park together.

Releasing more visuals and music this year, Suave Sinatra is definitely one to look out for. Watch the visual for Maybach Dreams below.

Follow the budding artist here.




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