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The London based minimalist street wear brand have just released their latest collection; just as we approach the winter months. In contrast to their previous designs, a more vibrant and dynamic colour palette has been introduced, contra to their standard use of earth tones within their pieces.

The collection features several graphic t-shirts and hoodies; staple items within their brand, but illustrating more explicit and visual designs. The graphic tee has become an essential item within the rise of streetwear, and their incorporation of more individual and abstract designs has made them very popular amongst lovers of streetwear fashion. Following a great demand, they also released their newest piece: the 'Purple Diagonal Puffer'. The dynamic and structured style of this piece strikes a strong resemblance to the classic North face nupste jacket, whilst the minimalist detail of the logo and monogram interior gives it a more distinctive feel.

The use of a monogram design was further displayed; as seen in their newest 'Down Monogram Puffer'. The repeated use of the classic 'Unknown' logo overlaying on the jacket gave the garment a more high-end and luxury impression; echoing similarities to the striking Burberry 'Monogram Puffer Jacket'. The use of a monogram design embraces the roots and origin of the 'Unknown' brand, whilst portraying the garment as something versatile that can be styled in a variety of ways.

The 'Cable Knit Crewneck' serves as a piece of stylish and sophisticated outerwear, whilst being suitable as a winter garment due to it's soft blend of cotton and cashmere. When paired with the matching pants, this look generates an image of comfort, whilst highlighting the more luxury appearance of knitwear. The classic red and white horizontal pattern means that these pieces can easily be paired with other, more plain, garments to give a simpler and casual everyday look.

The holographic trend has continued to prove it's popularity, and Unknown London have elaborated on this craze by introducing their dynamic 'Holographic Reflective Jacket'. This wind-breaker style of this piece means that it can be layered with other items, and the mesh interior provides a sense of warmth and comfort. Whilst under light, the jacket radiates a vibrant variety of colours; a distinctive must-have garment for the winter.

The classic 'Essential' pieces, including a washed grey hoodie, pair of joggers and tee, have proved their popularity by selling out within days of the new drop. These classic items are simple yet incredibly adaptable and stylish. Worn as basic loungewear or paired with more abstract items and a array of jewellery, these items are staples within one's wardrobe. Alongside these pieces, Unknown London have brought back their unforgettable Rhinestone Hoodies and Joggers. The unique arrangement of the rhinestones against the simple backdrop of either purple or black transforms a basic piece of loungewear into a luxury tracksuit; rich in individuality. Unknown London never fail to create simple items intertwined with a variation of high-end fashion concepts; crucial to the streetwear game.

Visit their website for more updates on the release and to purchase:

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