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The 'Off Di Light' Fashion Film Exhibits Black Beauty Through Sound and Style


Directed by Andre Humphrey-Modeste

Written by C Boy

Cinematography by Chris West

Style by Symone Keisha

Stylist Assistant by Benita Nwagwu

Model One: Sasha V

Model Two: Chizoba

Model Three: Ryesha Higgs

Talent: C Boy

Makeup artist by Olivia Cochrane

Hair Stylist by Rianna Henry

Gaffer by Harry Wood

Song by C Boy

Backstage and VHS filming by Devpal Sehmi

Production assistant: Silvia Tonellist

Production assistant: Mac

Catering by Vegan Spot


Produced by THRDS.AGENCY

Off Di Light is a fashion film produced by THRDS and TWALE Records, delivering a beautiful visual piece that affirms the importance of celebrating black beauty. For years, THRDS have mastered the fine art of weaving digital content and emerging subcultures together, therefore in this piece, they have decided to merge the crafts of music and fashion with visual storytelling to voice an important message to any individual that comes across this film.

This story celebrates the true essence of black beauty through sound and movement. The elegance poses and flow of the models and the supporting music have a rich tone of refinement and grandeur. Music serves as an escape and form of communication/expression, especially for early black communities, even to this day. Showcasing black women as high fashion deities is a considered way of bringing people into a world where black women are celebrated with high class and esteem. The ability of music to act as a binding factor provides all cultures with a strong sense of connectivity, also portrayed in the making of this film.

The connectivity of music is something that often brings contrasting cultures into one table of discussion. The Narrator, at the beginning of the visual, states "I believe music started in Africa", Africa is known to be a place of natural growth and immense culture. The visual begins to showcase these beautiful black women in their sophisticated looks and natural hair, further illustrating the power of black beauty. The visual presents the audience with some behind the scenes shots, musical and photographic references before the song by C Boy begins.

As the title credits are presented on the screen, the opulent movements of the models that seem to take on very ethereal personalities take prominence in the visual. Close-ups and poses of the models bring a strong level of intimacy to the film, this could in some way be a way to showcase the importance of black female companionship/unity. The smooth visual has the feel of a high-end editorial, focusing on neutral garments and sleek blazers and dresses.

Off Di light Is a beautiful depiction of black female excellence and appreciation, a production full of interesting moments and a great deal of cultural weight, from the narration to the music and fashion pieces for the shoot. Watch the full visual below.

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