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Santi Debut Album 'Mandy & The Jungle' Out Now

Santi is an Afro fusion artist and one of the key figures of the Alte movement coming out of Lagos Nigeria. Santi is a spearhead in the current climate of breaking the barriers of what African music is. Of the back of the critically acclaimed project from frequent collaborator Odunsi the Engine, Santi has continued to gain anticipation for his own offering to his listeners. After releasing multiple records in the past few months, most notably his breakout anthem 'Rapid Fire', the stars have aligned and it is officially Cruelsantino season.

Mandy and the Jungle is a 16 song project with some notable features such as Big Baby DRAM, Goldlink and Kida Kudz. On this album Santi continues to put his influences at the forefront while creating a unique sound, creating a new template for what African music can be and be connected to. Santi tells stories about friendship, fighting inner demons and tragic love stories.

Curtsy of Native Mag

A record two years in the making, Santi has with no doubt executed to a high level thus far, from his cinematic visuals to his overall impact in the work of his peers. Mandy and the Jungle hopes to relay an important narrative.

Santi told Clash...

“Over the past two years, I learnt more about expressing myself and translating that feeling into sound and visuals.”

“Music has always been about the feeling for me, what it does to you, what it makes you remember and most importantly, where it takes you to. I decided to create a universe, combining everything that has ever influenced or inspired me, the story of Mandy, a girl who has no idea the power that lies inside her.”

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