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Premiere: Ebi Pamere Lets Us Know 'How It Feels [Music Video]

We present to you a visual to South London songstress EBI Pamere's latest single 'How It Feels'. In this visual presentation, EBI takes us into the wilderness as we see her logging dead weight with nothing but a lengthly rope across the forest in a tiresome manner, which seems to be a metaphor for emotional baggage and moods of sadness and despair.

At the end of the visual, we find that EBI has been carrying herself through the forest and ends by burning the body and allowing it to float away in a nearby river. EBI's latest visual, directed by Connor Hamilton and shot by DOP Luke C. Harper, is a well executed story full of meaning and depth that can be interpreted in a relatable way to each listener/viewer.

The song itself is a smooth neo-soul record with subtle melodies and a wealth of feeling in the lyrics and delivery. Perfect to reflect to and connect with your thoughts and emotions - Therefore bringing things full circle with the warm yet somber tones that the visual provides.

Watch the new visual below!

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