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Odie 'Slowly' Returns With New Music

Since the release of ODIE's latest Project Analogue, he has steadily made a lasting impression on R&B and Rap fans that come across his mellow yet melodic sounds. Analogue was a concise 7 song project that boasted smooth records such as Faith and his most notable song to date 'North Face'. Although this short but sweet project was released back in 2018, The Montreal born artist has opted to work the project throughout the year of 2019, which has now lead us to the first song released after Analogue.

In an Instagram caption, premiering the song to his audience, ODIE explains;

"Last year I found myself caught in an internal war. For the longest time, I did not realize that I fell out of love with myself & my art. To remedy I found myself lost in experiences. When I started working again it was for the wrong reasons. The material although good didn’t sound like me. But how could it if I didn’t even know my self for sure. Fast forward a few months, I’m back to being me & doing what I do best. Working on finishing up the next project as we speak but meanwhile dropping something new later this week to hold you over. Thank you for sticking with me."

It looks as though we should be expecting more of the same sonic and lyrical quality that we expect from ODIE. His latest release 'Slowly' is a song to himself about his journey over the past year and how he lost his way. The song speaks from the perspective of his mind battling with staying true to his craft while battling with vices and worldly constraints. Slowly is a soundtrack to any individual that may not feel like themselves at the time as the trancing instrumental guides you back home.

Listen below!

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