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Marie Dahlstrom, Dan Diggas and Aligo Release 'Fall Down' Ahead Of New EP Announcement '4inARow'

The Danish singer and producer has joined forces with London-based producer Dan Diggas and Canadian rapper Aligo to bring their first instalment of their collaborative EP 4inARow. The newest track 'Fall Down' is a smooth alt-R&B track that merge the three musicians talents in a bountiful listening experience.

An idea that was originally supposed to be a four-track EP created in 4 nights, 4inARow was a writing, producing and recording experience that was to encourage impulse and spontaneity. With each track recorded between 8pm and midnight on 4 days in January 2020, each song has its own story for the listener.

The first single from this project has an unwinding feel with Marie and Aligo sharing vocals. The conjunction of Marie's velvety tone, Aligo's rap flow and Dan Digga's beat making show different emotions being explored as each night passes through each track. As the songs come together in a cohesive way, it demonstrates a four stage cycle of love and relationships.

'Fall Down' exposes points in relationships where a couple's resolve is being tested. Delicately fusing hip hop, soul and R&B, the fluid late-night production presents an exciting first offering towards the new EP.

Speaking on the track, Marie noted: "'Fall Down' is an ode to arguments that can be common at times, but left untreated could ruin a relationship. Like autumn, this song is a transition period to a colder and more challenging part of the year and symbolic of the changes that can occur when this happens in relationships: 'consequences get the best of you'".

4inARow comes after Marie Dahlstrom's critically acclaimed debut album Like Sand that was released in May earlier this year and arrives shortly after Dahlstom's single 'Good Thing' which was released on its own in October this year. Both the album and single were released through Marie's own label JFH Records, which was names after the block of flats where Marie, Dan and Aligo live together, which spurred the creation of this brand new EP.

Listen to 'Fall Down' right here!

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