• Harry Cruttenden

Listen To Electronic Artist Shlohmo's Euphoric Hip-Hop Soundscape

Conversing with Virgil Abloh in the build-up to his Coachella DJ debut was Bone Soda’s Skinny Macho. The fly on the wall conversation saw Virgil dwell on the importance of electronic/techno music in expanding and challenging the hip-hop communities’ soundscapes and sensibilities. If you consider Virgil anything of a cultural commentator to trust, then you should peep Shlohmo’s 20-minute electronic and visual rendition of tracks ranging from 50 Cent Many Men, to the recently infamous Pissy Pamper Carti leak.

The mix is one of a series of mixes entitled ‘FOR THA SUMMER’, with this being ‘FOR THA SUMMER VOL XXIX: EVIL HOUSE PARTY EDITION’. The series always has accompanying visuals that are as much baffling as they are entertaining - that tap into what may be termed an anti-aesthetic that characterised the rise of Yung Lean and SadBoys (recall the Arizona ice tea, Pokemon, Gameboy filled Hurt video).

It seems Shlohmo’s annual ‘FOR THA SUMMER’ mix is for him a chance to produce something casual and light-hearted, away from the dark undertones that characterise the electronic sounds of his recent solo albums. In doing this, however, he certainly contributes to the recently growing conversation between electronic and hip-hop world’s. In other words, listen to Virgil.

Watch the video here.

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