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Knucks And Sam Wise Hop In A Delorean And Get Fxcked Up

Knucks and Sam Wise are two of the most sought after lyricists in the UK scene and they have joined forces for a new record with an infectious sound that is bound to influence fans to abuse the replay buttons on their desired streaming service. For a few weeks, Knucks and Sam have been teasing the new record and it is finally here.

Fxcked Up is a seamless blend of Knucks and Sam Wise's styles, Sam Wise opens up the song with the chorus and sets the tone with a rap pattern that ends each line with the title of the song, Knucks follows suit as they both speak on situations that may warrant them to use the phrase. Sam Wise follows Knuck's verse swiftly with a smooth melodic tone that gives the record a new feel and brighter sonic brush strokes. He speaks on being high with the stars and landing on the moon via an Uber spaceship. Knucks comes back with a similar melody but slighting more intricate as he sing/raps about his relationship with marijuana and people using his flow, therefore causing him to be a loan shark.

Fxcked Up did not disappoint and both artists deliver stellar verses with variety and elements of what we love about them individually. The instrumental is up there with one of the best we've heard this year. With snippets of a visual being teased online, we look forward to a visual presentation to support the stellar record, but for now. Listen to Fxcked Up below:

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