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Jevon Shares His Highly Anticipated Album 'Fell In Love In Brasil'

North West London's Jevon has been hard at work. The producer, singer and rapper has taken pride in exhibiting his latest album, titled Fell In Love In Brasil. The album explores Jevon's South American heritage and pays homage to the artist's late Brazilian grandfather, who had a great impact on him growing up.

"I dedicate this one to you Grandad" - Jevon

A genuine labour of love, Fell In Love In Brasil has been over three years (but also a lifetime) in the making. Jevon grew up listening to a vinyl collection he inherited from his Brazilian grandfather after he passed. He grew up in Mozart Estate, North West London and even played for QPR for a short period. At the age of 15, Jevon's family relocated to Coventry which is where he is currently based.

Jevon has worked alongside legendary artists like WSTRN, Ray BLK, Stefflon Don and Yxng Bane; not to mention producing for Nines’ critically acclaimed debut album ‘One Foot Out’; and most recently, Pa Salieu’s widely acclaimed ‘’Send Them To Coventry’ mixtape. So it comes as no surprise that Fell In Love In Brasil features exceptional production value.

Stream Fell In Love In Brasil below:

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