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iLL BLU Play With ‘Magic’ In Recent Release Featuring OFB’s Bandokay And Double Lz!

Uk production duo iLL BLU set forth fiery new ensemble entitled: ‘Magic’. Featuring some of the scenes most present and promising talents - Bandokay, Double Lz (OFB) with Aisa Renardus uplifting the chorus and bridge.

With a career that spans over a decade, the duo maintain a commendable capacity to reinvent themselves time and time again. Without attaching themselves to a specific genre, the pair have showcased versatility whilst racking up an impressive myriad of artist collaborations; Including James Morrison, Max Marshall, Jake Issac and in more present times - Krept and Konan and Geko. In addition to rising stars Loski and Zie Zie. The OFB members continue on a journey to securing a place amongst UK Drill heavyweights; Spitting powerful verses that illustrate rugged street tales. Infused with the repetition of a compelling vocal sample from emerging recording artist Aisa Renardus.

The collective capture the ‘magic’ in the cool yet vibrant visuals, with scenes panning in and around the studio. We see iLL BLU accompanied by the OFB boys, with slight glimpses of Aisa along side some gorgeous ladies.

Why not see the all the magic for yourself? - In the visuals above!

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