• Shenead Poroosotum

Giving Songstress Breantonia Some 'EXPOSURE'

This gifted and harmonic singer has blessed us with a summer-time ditty featuring creative producer Jak. Whilst colliding the duo's musical talents such as Jak's hazy RnB and Breantonia's soulful voice, the product was an instant 90s style pop hit with moments of euphoria with Breantonia's sugary harmonies.

After releasing a project back in 2017: ORGANIC, Breantonia's creative merge with Jak was a superb introduction for their up and coming project as their unique abilities begin to shine through on the creative scene. But this teaser of a track was their first collaboration, as their EP release is due later on this year.

When asked about her new release, Breantonia says: “’EXPOSURE’s approach to love is 2-fold: It demystifies the vulnerability associated with attraction, wearing it proudly. It also exposes the self-betrayal that comes with falling in love: your urge to hold back is often proof that you’ve already given in.”

"It's a vibrant Summer anthem" Jak says. "Disguised with an offbeat aesthetic, oozing in lo-fi fuzz. In the vein of the contemporary Chicago RnB scene, ‘EXPOSURE’ reveals a kind of UK ‘woozy RnB’ that is as laid back as it is expressive.”

As Breantonia and Jak want to lift spirits and moods with their luscious new anthem, keep an eye out for them throughout the rest of 2020. This duo's entrance to the new British RnB scene is undeniably fresh and intriguing and definitely not one to be ignored. Stream the track right here!

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