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Giveon’s ‘TAKE TIME’ EP Tells His Story Of Love And Loss

Recently featured on Drake’s ‘Chicago Freestyle’, singer song-writer Giveon unveils ‘TAKE TIME’ EP which is nothing short of a work of art. Told through the lens of modern RnB and introspective storytelling, each track is rooted in his real life experiences of love and loss.  Every note we hear carries an emotional depth and with his unique baritone he paints a simplistic yet colourful soundscape.

The first voice we are introduced to in the opening track, ‘THE BEACH’ is his mum’s, saying: “I don’t know if it was fireworks or gunshots, but the birds is in the air” followed by a simple bass groove and Giveon’s graceful vocal display.  

Perfectly laced into the EP is the ‘TAKE TIME INTERLUDE’ which is something you'll probably find in every singer’s cluster of voice memos. A melodic phrase with no instrumental and the urge to have the perfect take is forgotten. Simple and almost very candid with stray background noises here and there, this track is a true moment of intimacy between the voice and it’s listeners. 

Towards the end of the EP is ‘HEARTBREAK ANNIVERSARY’ a vulnerable confession of the painful end of a relationship which then segways into the penultimate track ‘LIKE I WANT YOU’.

The closing track ‘VANISH’ is welcomed by a harmonised acoustic guitar pattern which is later overlaid by grungy electric guitar riffs.  

The minimality of the production allows Giveon to manipulate his melodies and exhibit his vocal range across each track, often dipping into a delicate yet crystal clear falsetto.This eight track body of work not only paints a picture of his limitless potential but how, vocally and lyrically, he has the ability to make us feel everything he wants us to. Amongst some of his other successes he recently opened on Snoh Aalegra’s tour, personally picked by her. 

Stream the full EP below. 

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