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Diving Into the World of Kenya Grace With New Single 'Talk'.

Since national lockdown and quarantining had been announced by the government, there were a lot of us who took the time that we have been given to do something creative with it. Some of us went into states of deep reflection, felt enlightened to create something new or decided to push our limits in releasing creative energy that had been bubbling to the surface. In the case of English singer/songwriter Kenya Grace, she had done exactly that with her smooth new single 'Talk' via Trash Like You Records.

Kenya Grace is a self-taught electronic producer with luscious R&B melodies within her music with her talents being compared to artists such as Flume, Nao and Banks. Whilst she grew up listening to soul music thanks to her parents, those influences are excellently distributed throughout her production. After graduating from the Academy of Contemporary Music in late August 2019, the expressive artist self-released two singles 'Tell Me Why' and 'Obsessed'. Now back with a groove-infused anthem, 'Talk' was written during this quarantine period.

As the songstress' move to London was postponed because of current events, Kenya had been pondering about her parents' house in Southampton. Whilst she had bags full of time to reflect on herself and on a past relationship, she wanted to create a message of empowerment for people who were feeling trapped or powerless. In her own words, Kenya described the song as "an acknowledgement of a toxic relationship and a decision not to take someone's shit anymore."

"I'm not your therapist and you're a narcissist" she sings, as she recognises that she might have been giving more than what she bargained for. This unforgettable and catchy ditty speaks about being fed up and realising that she wants to move on. The track oozes with catchy synths resembling something of Kaytranada, mixed with sugary vocals that glide amongst the steady beat of the track. Ending with a harmonising and layered bars from herself, the song is truly something that speaks from a relatable perspective.

With her creative energy bursting at the seams, 'Talk' is just one of many of the songs that were created in Kenya's bedroom over the past couple of weeks. Her self-written and self-produced melodies show crisp and swooning vocals over bright electronic synths to create something dreamy and euphoric whilst she pushes herself to enable her creative mind to flourish.

Stream 'Talk' on Spotify now!

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