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Bode Travels Back To 1969 In Combined SS/FW21 Collection

Luxury menswear brand Bode has presented their SS/FW21 collection “A Year Off”, reflecting on the sentimental year of 1969. Through the collection, designer Emily Bode tells the story of her uncle William “Bill” Bode and his adventures as a student at the University of Vermont.

As told by Emily Bode, in 1969 her uncle Bill had convinced his mother, also her grandmother, that students were responsible for paying their tuition directly to the university. Emily’s grandmother handed Bill $8,000 without hesitation, expecting the money to reach the school. However, Bill had other plans, as he pocketed the money and spent it on living out a year of his dreams. From racing cars across frozen lakes to trips to New York – the possibilities were endless.

Bill’s gap year is only part of the reason that 1969 was so special. It was revealed through the SS/FW21 presentation that 1969 was “a year off not only from school but from life as he would know it for the next fifty years”. A year later, Bill met his wife and jewellery designer, Mahri, for the very first time. Bill and Mahri spent the next 50 years together, raising a family and throwing annual lobster bakes. Mahri was also an inspiration to Emily, setting a strong example of a hard-working female designer. In 2019, Emily and her family lost Mahri to cancer.

In losing Mahri, Bill reflected on to the last time he was without her – at university in 1969. This is what Bode’s SS21/FW21 collection represents, recreating Bill’s dorm room as the collection’s setting and taking inspiration from old photos of him to create the pieces. Across the handcrafted collection, embroidery, knit, and quilted pieces are present – all very familiar aspects of Bode’s brand.

The SS/FW21 collection also includes an array of unique collared shirts, striped trousers, and patch jackets. In “A Year Off”, one can also find headwear, bags, and Bode’s signature house shoes.

Bode’s SS/FW21 collection will be available soon at their New York flagship store and online.


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