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Serious Klein - Voodoo Money

Serious Klein is a German based lyricist with a tailored perspective on the genre of Hip-Hop. His latest single Voodoo Money, accompanied with an entrancing visual, seems to have a very militant sound that speaks to the 'by any means necessary' quest for money. Serious Klein tackles this song with a supreme confidence and focus that is almost infectious, drawing the listener to pay full attention.

The Rascal produced song which samples the 2009 Rich Boy hit 'Throw Some D's' has a gritty and uncomfortable sound with a dirty baseline that allows Serious Klein to paint the picture of the song sonically along with his vivid lyrics. Voodoo money is the second instalment of a 3 part song series about the influences of money. Serious Klein told Genius " It’s about someone who’s in the process of slowly going in the wrong direction. It’s written from the perspective of some of the people that surround me, people I grew up with, and their decisions. Stuff that really affected me."

Serious Klein raps about the frivolous spending of money on women from the perspective of his peers and the braggadocio that comes with the worshipping of money, especially for the wrong reasons. In the second verse Serious Klein raps about the pursuit of money and the urge to attain wealth, while referencing the tragedies occurring in the lives of people around him. He makes various references to Christianity and how it does nothing to deter the character in which Serious Klein plays in this song.

The amazing visuals also seem to have a detailed layering that adds to the overall interest and listening experience.We definitely recommend a listen below. The HUSH & HYPE directed video was explained by Serious Klein, saying "[the video] portrays me in a very different way, reckless and cruel at the same time. Portraying money, women and power.Me getting baptized and being shaved serves as symbolism of losing something (sin) and us (me and the baptist) looking to the sky, seeking for the light. (God)"

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