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Women's Series: Kali Claire Talks Being A Woman In Music

Words & Photography by Joseph Clarke

Kali Claire is an East London singer, songwriter and producer. With her exciting, melodic voice and beautifully produced tracks she has found great success working with artists such as Not3s, Unknown T and touring along with Mabel. 2020 brought her EP “Songs by the Pool” which featured the single “Seen Me Like This” which is an incredible track that will give you a sense of escapism as you nod your head back and forth.

I met Kali Claire on a freezing cold early afternoon in Dalston,just a stone's throw from the house she grew up in. It only felt right to shoot her in a place that has helped shape her as a person. I remember waiting in anticipation and excitement for Kali, as seeing how successful she has been recently and the buzz surrounding her within the London music scene made this meeting extra special. Once we met we went straight into taking photos, having interesting conversations in between shots. Kali talked about the importance of being a woman within music and how she is determined to gain even larger success as an artist.

How would you describe your music/sound?

“I would say my sound was a mismatch of everything I listened to growing up and listen to now Rnb, but pop but singer songwriter.”

What's been the biggest influence on your music and yourself as a woman?

“Being in the music industry. Surprisingly being around men 24/7 makes me most aware that I’m a woman.”

What has had the largest contribution in your life towards your music?

“I do this thing where I freestyle melodies, so off the top of my head. I feel like everything in my being contributes, because nothing is premeditated- it’s what’s already in me.”

Have you found it harder to find your voice as a woman in the music industry and what are some of the challenges you feel you've overcome?

“Yeah, but I’m the type of person who always has to be right .So It pushes me to prove everyone wrong. That I can produce, that I can engineer, that I can write my own songs.”

What advice would you give a younger woman, that perhaps you knew when starting out in music?

“ Be true to you, all the time. Then you won’t regret much.”

What facilities/types of support are needed for more representation for women in music?

“Studios! We need studios where young women can be introduced to the equipment, how it works, how sessions work. Just getting more girls in more rooms!”

What are some women that inspire you in life? Can be within music or out of it

“Every woman inspires me, every person intact. Life is tough and definitely much harder over the lockdowns.”

Do you feel there are enough support networks for women in music?

“Male or female there’s not enough support for creatives. The industry revolves around the creation, but the creatives are way too often not getting what they need or deserve.”

What can we expect from Kali Claire in the future?

“In the very near future I’m going to be releasing a lot more music, and honestly I’m just excited.”

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