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We Give A Salute To Gucci's 100th Anniversary Show In "Collaboration" With Balenciaga

Time has managed to fly by with flying colours and the brightness of fabrics. However, for the year 2021, we give a salute and applause to celebrate the 100th anniversary of decadence Fashion to the renowned Fashion house Gucci showcasing its incredible Aria collection. This time around, adding spice into the mix and collaborating in conjunction in celebratory fashion with Paris fashion house Balenciaga in an exciting virtual show.

For its 100th anniversary, the Gucci brand seizes the moment to join forces with Balenciaga and tap into its influences for equestrian heritage. Combined with references during the era of Tom Ford as the creative director and with the help of present creative director Alessandro Michele, an astounding masterpiece of a collection has been put together in honour of the Gucci brand.

Paying homage to this impeccable brand and showcasing its history, Michele has shown us a detailed account down memory lane by arranging this new collection as a 15-minute film. He starts in the London Savoy Hotel as the founder Guccio Giovanbattista Giacinto Dario Maria Gucci embraced his inspiration and passion for fashion, quality and love for fabrics working as a bellhop in one of London’s prestigious hotels. He then returned home to his beloved merchant city of Florence and pursued his journey in aid of opening his family-owned leather goods shop selling leather travel bags and accessories.

With that in mind, Michele shared with his audience Gucci's history in the celebration by joining ideas from Balenciaga’s creative director Denma Gvsalia for both houses to team up on a quest to unveil this stunning collection. Behind Michele’s vision, he wanted to provide this collection with a meaning behind the pieces.

As the collection begins, the models are suited and booted down the corridor runway with loads of flashing cameras, minus the gruelling paparazzi photographers capturing as many angles as possible to take excellent shots of the collection. Michele made it his mission to embrace the brand vision whilst showcasing signature looks with a modern aesthetic in his pieces from both fashion houses. It includes the famous Gucci horsebit worn as a body harness, the detail reference of the GG emblem displayed on heel boots or a pair of leggings as a showcase surprise to the fashion brand Balenciaga.

However, one look which court the eye of the audience was the revived 1990s look – the red velvet suit, styled with a casual unbuttoned blue shirt created and arranged by Tom Ford from his Autumn/Winter 1996 collection and worn by renowned actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Trish Goff. Introducing Michele's spin to the pieces and reviving past looks such as adding details of leather and chain body embellishes to the stylish suiting is what makes this collection one to watch.

Within the collection, Michele also shows references to what he calls, "sexual tension" of Tom Ford, he said. Touching on vibrant fabrics, Hollywood glamour shapes, men's tailoring combined with a fetishised spin on the Gucci signature for equestrian details. Including riding caps, leather fringed riding crops and polished boots matched with stylish sequined evening wear and logo decorated netting on erotic sheer dresses.

As Michele brings the past together to a revive modern collection, he touches on the element of surprise to unite looks from the Paris fashion house and sister Kering label, Balenciaga.

You can tell the partnership between the two fashion houses works well by joining together recognisable pieces such as the revamped version of the Balenciaga Jackie bag and the embellished silver glitter suit with the Gucci and Balenciaga logos to mark the signature collaboration.

Being at the helm of Gucci in the past six years, Michele wanted to give back to the brand and embrace a collection that not only shows the history of where it all began but to recreate a rebirth of the brand, transformation of creating stand-out pieces from the past and bring forth into the present.

“It means being able to open the locks of history and linger over the edge of the beginning. It means soaking in that natal source to relive the dawn and the coming into view,” he said.

Michele is an advocate of believing in the Gucci brand in all its creativity and glory. He believes it can redefine itself over time as a brand and continues to thrive for years to come.

“I am trying to renew for the millionth time this brand, this name, this myth, this saga because Gucci is a complex container that holds many, many things,” Michele said.

Alessandro Michele’s vision continues to shine throughout the Gucci brand. He created a rebirth, a stunning celebratory show for both brands that we will never forget.

Check out below images from the 100th anniversary Aria collection:

Words from Charlene Foreman

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