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Unwind To The Hypnotic Sounds of Muva of Earth In Her New Track 'ORBiT'

Listening to Muva of Earth feels like planting your feet in rich warm soil. Her sound is wholesome with lyricism exuberating healing, self love and sensuality. ORBiT (prod. by Delio Lima) is her latest offering to the world since her previous releases Green Tea, TMC and Feed My Mind. Featuring hazy guitar strums and a smooth vocal deliverance, this track paints the picture of what it’s like to experience true love. Inspired by Jill Scott’s own renditions of love songs, Muva explores the humanly connections of love that we share with each other and the Earth, expressing that “there is no way to elevate without love, it is important especially during these highly traumatic times, that we love ourselves first and then give back to the community, using that love to demand change.” The visuals to ORBiT show hypnotic and glitchy images of places around London and Muva candidly laying amongst fresh greenery.

Muva of Earth continues to experiment with her soundscapes and rhythms, describing herself as “a student of life, and a humble servant of Earth” and it is clear that she is not one to be boxed into a specific genre or style. She draws her inspirations from Erykah Badu and Sade as well as socio-political musical icons such as Fela Kuti and Bob Marley. Her music is used as a vehicle for healing and protest for both herself and her listeners, she is the founder of Babylon Chant Down which is an organisation that have created a safe space for the community to heal and be educated on social injustice through poetry, live music and dance. Watch the visuals to ORBiT below.

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