• Shenead Poroosotum

This Fake Travis Scott Song Created By Artificial Intelligence Could Be The Next New Thing.

As we continue to develop Artificial Intelligence through machines like Sophia, created by Hong Kong company Hanson Robotics, they will forever be adapting and learning how to interact with us solely through how we interact with them. With this technology, USA based digital agency space150 have pushed what AI can do to its limits and created a fake Travis Scott song entirely though AI, using the deepfake version of the rapper named Travis Bott.

In an attempt to challenge a quote by Jean Baudrillard saying that "The sad thing about artificial intelligence is that it lacks artifice and therefore intelligence", for two weeks, they allowed lyrics to be put into a text generator model and eventually it was able to produce its own rhyming verses in the rappers style. The creative team then produced 'Jack Park Canny Dope Man' with rapper Travis Bott and accompanied it with a weirdly wonderful music video.

Ned Lampert, executive creative director at space150 explained that this project wasn't just going to be used for any artist either. On Adweek, Lampert said that they specially chose Travis Scott because of the Houston rapper's uniqueness.

“We were sort of fascinated with like, ‘What if we tried to make a song—like an actual good song—by using AI and basically creative directing AI?‘” he said. “And so we chose Travis Scott just because he is just such a unique artist and he has a unique sound and everything sort of has an aesthetic to it, both audibly and visually.”

The track even features classic Travis Scott ad-libs like "It's lit" and "Straight up" under this densely auto-tuned track including whimsical but nonsensical rhymes and lyrics.

"I ain't got the surfers 'cause I know I'm not that hard But I got all my old bitches mad by the bars Thinkin' at the Grammys, in the family, I got stars Try to put in the plane, but the blame be on the cars"

Interestingly, the bot also had a strange obsession with food. It conjured lyrics such as "I can’t eat all on this money now.” and "I don’t want to fuck your party food,"

Although most of the lyrics (posted by Genius) don't make much sense, the feel of the track definitely sounds like something you would have heard during the Rodeo/Birds In The Trap era. Your move Travis.

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