• George Patterson

The Up and Coming: Ninioh

With London being widely regarded as home to the upcoming rap scene in the UK, it's about time we shine away from the big smoke and look for emerging talent elsewhere in the country - that's where we meet Birmingham's, Ninioh.

Member of the rap collective, Blue Room Mafia, Ninioh and his team are working hard to put 0121 back on the map. With a consistent work rate and serious talent, Ninioh has already put out some incredible tracks over the course of 2019, suggesting huge potential for 2020.

His latest single, 'Fodie', is undoubtedly worth a listen as Ninioh yet again exhibits his own unique, wavey sound unlike any other coming out of the UK right now - a skill which is reflected heavily throughout the rest of the dynamic rapper's index; additional fan-favourite tracks include 'Diablo' and 'Hello Hi'.

Check Out Ninioh's Work Blow:

Ninioh is not a new face to the rap scene, he's been going at it for almost 10 years now and his work is only just beginning to receive the recognition it deserves. With support from some of the bigger players in the game (notably Jorja Smith), 2020 might just be the year we see Ninioh break through.

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