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Swedish Singer Nova Miller Delivers Joyous Coming-Of-Age EP Filled With “Passion.”

Swedish songstress and TikTok star, Nova Miller, has been cutting a clear path for herself musically and is looking to claim what’s left of 2020 now that she has unveiled her forthcoming EP, entitled “Passion.”

“Passion” poses as a sumptuous 8-track soirée that transports the listener into the world of Nova for around 25 minutes of cinematic bliss. Over it’s course, the songstress provides a journey that takes us from “Girls Like Us” a bubblegum, high energy fem-bop that illustrates themes of passion, lust and empowerment in a playful manner. To tracks like “Man’s World” - the first sign of the darker, more mature and womanly side of Nova that she goes on to channel for the projects remainder.

The EP displays the singers ability to put the excitement; the love; the pleasures; the frustrations and disappointments of women into 8 magnificent songs that are insanely written, performed and produced. “Passion” as a whole is a testament to Nova’s growth and a demonstration of the depths of her artistry that, in most cases, would be described as pop. However once you have listened, you will realise that it would be a disservice to label this body of work.

Speaking on “Passion” Nova says, “I found my passion so early in my life, I just knew music was my purpose. I could feel it. Music is where all my drive comes from, it makes me work hard, it makes me wanna improve, it pushes me, it makes me who I am. I wanted to put that into this EP! Passion isn’t always just love for someone else. I have passion for my vocals, my love for myself, my fans, my work. This is a fun, fruity, loving, warm, upbeat, sweet, and confident project. This is The Passion!” Tune into Nova’s full project here.

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