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Shay Lia Joins Forces With Adekunle Gold For The Remix Of Her EP Track ‘Irrational’

Taken from her EP ‘Solaris’, this bouncy afro-reggae offering is the soundtrack to the summery days ahead.

Shay Lia’s warm vocal display is hard to miss as her unique tone is one of the skills that makes her stand out from the rest. She glides across the track, delivering her melody with ease alongside afro-pop star, Adekunle Gold, who compliments Shay’s sultry vocals and also deepens the afrobeat elements of the track. Produced by longtime collaborator Michel Brun, ‘Irrational’ closes with a teeming brass section that leaves the impression of it being an effortless improvisation. This track will leave you on a high of sweet melodies and reggae rhythms, making you want to relive the listening experience.

Speaking about bringing Adekunle Gold on for this remix, Shay explains: “I have been a huge, passionate fan of Adekunle Gold for a long time and it was an honour to work with him on this remix. He was my dream collaboration for this. It’s not often that your dream becomes reality so I’m very grateful! I’m on a journey with my sound so having great minds around me is so necessary.”

She continues, “I feel connected to Adekunle Gold as an artist because we share a love for an effortless melody. I also think his mind, his leadership and business acumen is impressive. I’m so proud to say he has contributed to my story now - he added so much personality to the song and deepened the Afro elements. I wanted to do a remix for ‘Irrational’ because the response to the original has been incredible. I think people loved the warmth of the song, so I didn’t want to change it too much. Michael Brun had created such a unique experience already!”

There is a sense of intimacy that is felt when listening to Shay Lia as she takes us on a journey of self discovery but these are just the opening pages to her story.

Stream 'Irrational' ft. Adekunle Gold below:

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