• Olisa Tasie-Amadi

Sampha’s Process: A Visual Exhibition of Rich Heritage and Musical Genius

As English singer Sampha releases a new song titled Walking Flames with popular artist, Actress; We take a look back into film archives to one of his most artistically curated albums turned film, Process. Directed by Khalil Joseph and dedicated to Sampha’s mother, whom he lost to cancer in 2015, the film serves as a visual aid to his album; meshing together culture, sound, art, and a burst of creative expression.

Released in 2017, Process features scenes ranging from black and white to deeply colorful tones filled with life, each adding to the story. Director, Khalil Joseph, focused the creation of the film around Sampha’s personal history of his childhood to the adult he is today. Shot between Freetown, Sierra Leone, and Morden, South London, the film captures all the emotions, moments of his past in a dream-like limitless motion. From dancing circles and beach fronts in Sierra Leone to alleys and station doors in London.

What makes Sampha’s film very unique is its ability to intertwine his songs and performances with the visual aspect, much like the score to a movie. However, it doesn’t run on for the whole duration allowing the audience to be thrown into his perspective of the story filled with energetic imagery and continuous shift in mood and colors to match.

Watch Process, streaming on Le Cinema Club:

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