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Roy Wood$ - Worth It

At 22 Roy Woods would be forgiven for having a mediocre track here and there as part of his development, however, he appears to consistent when producing tracks as every track seems to be a hit. The latest track he has dropped, ‘Worth it’, is a great track in which Roy Woods’ melodic flow is so in tune with the beat that there is no wonder that he is labelled the rap version of a young Michael Jackson (God rest his soul).

Many musicians speak about certain adversities and obstacles that they have faced in their lives and this is what provides the fuel to produce such good music. Roy Woods’ touches on many points that listeners may relate to for instance in the final verse where he states:

”It was worth losing my friends, gainin' more enemies It was worth losing myself, I'm the one killing me It was worth turning that "no straight" to a "yes indeed" It was worth saying fuck anyone who ain't believe in me Oh there you go hating me Why don't you get rid of me? Asking me if it's worth it When you see the paper's all here.

Roy Woods is now at a point in his life and career that all he has dealt with from losing friends and even in battle with himself at one point, has been worth it has it has contributed to him being who and what he is today.

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