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Roxwear Is A Study Of Complex Identity

Kazakh fashion brand Roxwear was founded in 2017 by Roxana Adilbekova, and has been steadily gaining popularity since. In addition to the captivating array of colours and patterns presented, the brand immerses itself in culture and history. Born in Dushanbe, Adilbekova was raised in Kazakhstan during the Tajik Civil War and has since lived and studied in Paris and New York. During her formative years, she became inspired by the tapestry works of her Art Historian grandmother, which subsequently had an undeniable influence on the unique Roxwear style. Adilbekova describes the movement as ‘a study of a complex identity in the surrealistic nature of existence in the post-Soviet cultural landscape of mixing cultures and nations, personifying a response to the plethora of overly simple questions regarding our origins, beliefs and ideals.’ This profound ethos has manifested in a brand devoted to enlightenment and creativity.

After-Party Merch capsule

Roxwear’s most recent collection ‘Episode 3’ offers an extensive selection of oversized garments and co-ord sets, embellished with eye-catching colours and motifs. The striking contrast between the contemporary streetwear styles and the traditional Asian embroidery prints succeeds in creating a wonderfully diverse flair. The colour palette ranges from soft pastel shades to prominent neon colours and the oversized pieces encapsulate a modern, trendy look. Episode 3 features a particularly distinctive co-ord set which dramatically conveys the boldness of the range. Consisting of a pastel pink collared shirt paired with knee length shorts, the look displays an assortment of illustrations depicting erotic Asian princesses. Roxwear’s latest collection is a well-crafted blend of cultures and demonstrates authenticity at its finest.

Instagram: @weareroxwear


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