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Rocco Reveals His Smooth Debut “Show No Love”

This Luton rapper has entered the game with a suave debut offering called “Show No Love”. Depicting his cold, playboy persona through smooth melodic swoons and slick raps which showcase his ability to narrate a captivating storyline. Tapping Yondo for the ambient instrumental made up of a romance-tinged guitar moment; that sets the chilled tone of the track and allows Rocco’s vocals to take centre stage. This impressive effort from the eighteen year old, leaves no me with no doubts that it will be followed by something equally as enjoyable!

Inspired by the musical legacy of his family, with his older cousin being prominent Luton grime artist Onslaught,  it became increasingly clear that he was always drawn to music. Now under the wing of WEAREBLK, he sees the potential in himself and it won’t be long before the rest of the scene knows it too.

To watch the visual accompaniment to Show No Love click below.

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