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Rising Star Jaime Xie’s Inspiration To Channel Fashion and Beyond

Spotting Jaime Xie sitting front row at a Fashion show every season is nothing unusual as this creative influencer continuously makes a show-stopping presence to events she attends. You could say Jaime Xie is the Fashion Industry new “It” girl for 2021. Daughter of tech billionaire Ken Xie and let us not forget one of the fashionista cast members of the new Netflix hit reality show Bling Empire.

Whilst watching the show, she would appear in a scene wearing nothing but amazing draw-dropping outfits that would showcase her style stunningly. Without a doubt, she achieves a sense of style that stands out from the crowd with such amazement. Her wardrobe is forever updated with the latest brands to wear. She also treasures vintage pieces which is one of her favourites in her fabulous wardrobe. However, no matter what this girl wears, she channels a daring ability to make a statement in her sense of dress without even trying.

She could be wearing “CHA” Chanel drop earrings, a Schiaparelli bright pink trouser suit outfit or a stunning colour print vibrant Versace mini dress and still pulls it off so well. Being a full-time fashionista, Jaime makes it her mission to look her best even influencing in front of the camera and showing the latest pieces she owns. Nevertheless, it was not something young Jaime originally wanted to do since she was a little girl. Instead, it was a hobby which she made into her own and decided to embrace her love and dedication to the fashion industry.

The reality TV series Bling Empire has shown us another a light to how the rich Asians of Los Angeles live. Surrounded by nothing but glamour, partying and entertainment, unlike the other cast members, Jamie Xie has shown us plenty of highlights from her stunning style presence and effortless choice of outfits.

She is not afraid to be herself, tries to attend a party or a fashion event just like she stepped off the runway in glam perfection. She shows passion and respect for the established brands she wears, dressing from head to toe, getting involved in photoshoots and sending shockwaves to her ever-expanding number of followers on social networks such as YouTube and Instagram. This girl is on a mission to shine and show everyone who she is.

Only 22 years old and already achieved so much in her lifetime but dressing up and being a fashion influencer was not her original plans. Believe it or not, she was an equestrian champion and took part in the sport as a teenager. Still today, Jaime will always stay true to her love for horses.

On the other hand, the love Jaime has for fashion was not her focus growing up. She decided to invest her time into looking at luxury and has never looked back since. Tapping into her artistic side, she spent the time to investigate an understanding of creativity and how designers’ ideas make a difference in the world.

Being an influencer and having her own YouTube channel, showing her journey and love for shopping, she enjoys watching people commenting about her choice for dress sense. It has given her the ability to post whatever she feels makes her happy. She has uplifted her audience of followers to have a close connection with the Fashion Industry and encouraged us as individuals to step out of our comfort zone and explore a daring side to a sense of fashion that lives within us all.

Despite Jamie Xie’s efforts for looking her best, there is more than the young influencer wants to accomplish in her lifetime. Always willing to support and give praise to up and coming emerging designers who are entering the competitive industry.

“I don't have a specific style. It's just whatever catches my eye and holds my interest. Originality is what keeps things exciting for me, and I’m drawn to clothes that are different from anything I’ve seen before or might already have in my closet”, says the rising star.

Looking into the future, Jaime has few projects up her sleeve that she aims to achieve in the pipeline such a fascination with healthy living and healthy eating which also coincides with her interest in philanthropy and getting more involved with her family’s Xie foundation.

There is more to see and get to know about this rising star and fashion-obsessed fashionista, she inspires and encourages others to living their best life and continues to share, give back and to follow the lessons learnt from the world around her.

See below highlights of Jaime Xie's incredible outfit choices.

Words by Charlene Foreman

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