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Renowned Satirical Artist Banksy's New Work Screams 'Aachoo'

Words by Yianina Small.

The renowned British street artist Banksy, widely acclaimed for satirical graffiti art and an anonymous identity, has recently unveiled a new artwork to add to the iconic portfolio of stencilled works.

Spotted in Bristol, the latest piece shows a person sneezing on the front of a residential property. This artwork was executed on Britain’s steepest street and the angle creates the illusion of the sneeze blowing the houses away.

The artwork was posted onto Banksy’s official Instagram page (@banksy) , with the caption ‘Aachoo!!’ which many have assumed to be the title of the piece. The house was originally for sale and there had been speculation of a considerable increase in value to the property, and rumours of the home being withdrawn from the market following the Banksy creation. However, the homeowners have confirmed that they will proceed with the sale. It has been reported that they have invested in a protection screen and security system for the piece, in order to preserve it and prevent vandalism.

Not only has Banksy been focusing on creative endeavours, but earlier this year it was announced via the Instagram page that a yacht had been purchased and converted into an independent high speed lifeboat, specifically to rescue those migrating across the Mediterranean Sea. Now named the M.V. Louise Michel, the boat was formerly a French Navy Vessel and it was purchased with proceeds from the sales of Banksy artworks. It is both captained and crewed by a dedicated team of rescue professionals from across Europe, and has been refurbished to carry out search and rescue. E.U Authorities forbid their Coastguard from answering distress calls from ‘non-Europeans’ leaving them in dire situations, and Banksy hopes to come to their aid with the M.V. Louise Michel which patrols the Mediterranean Sea.

By visiting , donations can be made to support and fund this cause, which will also go toward legal cases and the replacement of impounded equipment.

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