• Elle Evans

RAY BLK Returns With Brand New Anthem "In My Bed"

Rita Ekwere otherwise known as no other than RAY BLK, has just dropped her latest offering entitled In My Bed. The 25 year-old originally born in Nigeria and raised in South London, lyrically, is known for saying things how they are "The music that I love is the stuff that gives it to you raw. Then you can really connect with it" which is exactly what this new release does. In My Bed follows up from her Empress project last year, tackling societal issues with nothing but depth, humour, genuine understanding and candour with hits like Run Run and Empress.

Produced by Toddla T, In My Bed channels all the resentful felt emotions from a sour breakup. Revealing that the single is an angry breakup anthem for the ladies, RAY BLK says "I feel like us girls sometimes get into relationships we know are destined to end badly or with people we know we shouldn’t, because we want to believe they’ll change for you or be different. So, this song is like phase 1 of a breakup where you’re just angry that you were sold a dream”. You can listen to In My Bed below.

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