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Nothing & Everything. A Creative Exploration of Racial Injustices By Ben Coulanges.

Up and coming writer and director Ben Coulanges (@bbbennino) has just released his newest project, a short film named ‘Nothing & Everything’. This film plays on themes that are extremely relevant in the current socio-political climate, in regard to systematic racial injustices and the Black Live Matter movement. It features model Ebonee Davis along side other outstanding actors. The plot line of this piece focuses more deeply on racial profiling with a hint of dark humor.

The storyline is set on the basis of a crime being committed at a party. Thereafter, three very different characters are taken in for question, the only common thread between them is that they are POC (people of color). Everything else in the film is white, two white detectives, a white table, white chairs and it is filmed against a plain white backdrop. He used these as metaphor but also to show the reality many minorities and POC face due to systematic racism. The detectives play the typical good-cop-bad-cop in this “who done it” scenario. Those being questioned know they aren’t guilty, yet they are constantly being told they have a “motive”. Without any evidence there is more emphasis put on the point that they have only been brought in as they are POC. Yet this short film flips the switch as each of the interviewees remain calm throughout, whilst having their own distinct personalities.

The inspiration for this film came from the fact that a friend Bens had been racially profiled by the police and was forced to spend the night in jail for no reason. As an artist and creator Ben felt that he needed to respond in the best way he knows how, leading to the creation of this film. This can be seen as modern day, creative activism, using all the tools around to you try to create positive change. The young filmmaker believes that it is becoming increasingly important to support the black community, creatives and business. He also believes that it is his responsibility and the responsibility of others to use their voices, mediums or whatever resources they have to combat the current social injustices, especially being a black creative himself.

Watch the short film below!

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