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Mura Masa Joins Power With Slowthai Once Again For Their New Collaboration Titled “Deal Wiv It”

The two artists collaborate for the second time within a year to bring “Deal Wiv It” to our ears. Their first song “Doorman” comes from Slowthai’s debut album “Nothing Great About Britain” and was considered one of his most unique and powerful songs so far. The production is heavily inspired by the punk movement with distorted basses and heavy drums and in combination with Slowthai’s vocals the track sounds like it came straight out from a Gorillaz album. Fans seemed to love the song and seeing these two talents collaborate again is something that makes everybody excited!

Mura Masa with Slowthai

Compared to their previous tracks "Deal Wiv It" has a different vibe that we certainly love from the minute we press play. Starting with the memorable bass-line which follows the rock inspired drums and progressing to the smooth guitars that fit the feel of the song perfectly we then hear the chorus which is full of saturated basses and vocal chops from Slowthai. The main theme of the song is about how hard, unfair and monotone life can be but that it can also turn out to be exciting. The track is also accompanied with a great video-clip which starts with a scene of him lighting up a cigarette in the bathroom and then walking in his living room where he finds his family. Angry, he then bursts out of the house, in an apartment complex located in Belgrade, Serbia, where he starts running. Looking at the camera the whole time he runs past different people doing their thing until the end of the video where he joins Mura Masa in the back of the trunk. A three minute song filled with great production, lyrics and in combination with the visuals it's an instant hit that takes you back when alternative rock was trending.

Slowthai Photographed In 2019

Mura Masa – BBC Radio1 Residency

2019 was really the year for Slowthai from getting nominated for a Mercury Prize to surpassing over a million monthly listeners on Spotify, to touring with Brockhampton and he can’t seem to stop!The UK Grime artist deserves all the hype and the success because of how talented and unique he is.

Mura Masa’s year was also huge as he won his second Grammy for “Best Remixed Record” for the track “Walking Away” by HAIM. The 23 years old producer from Guernsey has a huge impact on modern electronic music and his sound is always recognizable from the unique synths to the ambient chords to the groovy & dance-able tunes to the distorted basses. He also has songs with huge artists like A$AP Rocky, Desiigner, Octavian, Charli XCX & more and his second album titled " R.Y.C. (Raw Youth Collage) (2020) " will be out in 2020.

The artwork of the song "Deal Wiv It"

We can’t wait to see what both artists have in store for us and what path they'll choose to go next.

"Mura Masa - Deal Wiv it ft. Slowthai " out now.

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