• Shona Moran

Meet Oranda Stone: The Sustainable Jewellery Brand Behind London’s Little Treasures

The subject of sustainability is becoming more and more widespread as the discussion continues to permeate the fashion industry. While we all love to elevate an outfit with some sleek accessories, people are now taking the time to educate themselves about the practice of ethical craftsmanship, in a bid to understand how our jewellery comes into being.

Sustainability in an industry which often relies on raw metals and gemstones from the earth itself means that ethical design is especially difficult, considering the inevitable impact of mining on the environment. As public awareness of these issues grow, independent jewellery designers are beginning to address these concerns as best they can by adopting eco-friendly habits throughout the entirety of their creative process.

A notable brand that has placed sustainability on a pedestal of importance is Oranda Stone, a London-based retailer that is paving the way for ethical jewellery design. Through distinctively personal craftsmanship, Oranda Stone embodies a harmony of refinement and delicacy. Each piece is handmade using recycled precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones; all stones are hand selected for quality and uniqueness, but more importantly, chosen consciously from trusted sustainable suppliers.

At the heart of Oranda Stone is Denise Louise, Founder and Creative Director. The silversmith-designer aims to encourage greater transparency within the world of jewellery, by investing in sustainable jewellery, taking the time to understand metals and semi/precious stones, and exploring diverse approaches to styling pieces. Denise Louise has a background in fashion, having studied a BA in Fashion Design at UCA and professional experience within various areas of the industry after graduating. It was while working for an online jewellery brand that she was drawn into the creative elements of jewellery design, influencing her to study a silversmith course in Hatton Garden. In line with the brand’s sustainable essence, Denise Louise utilises traditional craft techniques, practicing a slow fashion style – all designs are handmade to order or in small batches, in a conscious attempt to minimise material waste.

What makes Oranda Stone unique is Denise Louise’s ability to combine vintage influences, with the latest trends to create signature ‘Modern Vintage’ fashion jewellery. It is this characteristic blend of stylistic features that enables Denise Louise to define her work as “Little Treasures”. Oranda Stone is both timeless and on-trend, offering its wearers beautiful, yet statement pieces for the everyday. The brand can be identified by its ethereal aesthetic, both graceful and ornate the pieces incorporate multi-coloured gemstones meticulously placed across the brand’s signature designs.

Significantly, jewellery design is profoundly personally – often purchased to signify commitment, given as gifts, to mark occasions and retained as valuable heirlooms. The nature of the industry alone means that designers must encompass an unparalleled ability to tap into the sentimentality of their consumers, reflecting the thought that goes into picking out a new piece. Purchasing exclusive pieces from independent designers guarantees an extra dose of persistence, patience and love into the creation of your beloved jewellery. Ultimately, Oranda Stone is the modern-day answer to owning our very own little treasures, and all with a conscience.

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