• Levi Wilson

Lord Apex Blesses The Smokers on 4/20 With 'Smoke Sessions 3'

Ever since his breakout track 'Spliff In The Morning', Lord Apex has climbed relentlessly to the summit of the underground hip-hop scene both in the UK and internationally with his relaxed brand of hip-hop, laced with New York influences combined with his authentic West London tone and vocabulary. Back in 2016, Lord Apex dropped the original Smoke Sessions Vol. 1, which definitely managed to find its niche within the UK scene; it was accompanied by a music video of an actual smoke session with the entire mixtape playing over the footage. The laid back vibe of his music and the video complimented each other perfectly, augmenting his smoker image and laid the foundations for a Smoke Sessions Vol. 2.

Two-and-a-half years later, SSV2 came into fruition - the long awaited tape dropped in January 2019 and really took his following and notoriety to another level, with the West London rapper expanding his fanbase tenfold and finding a wide range of international fans. It's no surprise given that the tape featured tracks such as 'Em3', his Colors Berlin featured 'Vintage Garms' and the title track 'SSV2'. After SSV2, Lord Apex put out 3 other projects with 3 producers, with the most acclaimed one being 'Supply And Demand', and its deluxe edition, with Harlem wizard V-Don. The deluxe edition features the single with the Buffalo superstar Westside Gunn on 'London Fog', causing his popularity to grow even further.

Just yesterday, Lord Apex gave all his fans and all the smokers a huge 4/20 gift by releasing Smoke Sessions 3 after a two year wait. Unlike the past few projects, Lord Apex calls up on multiple different producers including The Kount, Maverick Sabre and The Purist amongst others to bring a different, more varied vibe of production to the table from his previous offerings, which were raw and often sonically very reminiscent of New York hip-hop. However, the sound of Smoke Sessions 3 continues to reflect on his NYC influences (especially with Wiki and Smoke DZA features) but reminds you that Lord Apex is definitely from London. No track embodies this better than the smooth and soothing 'On My Way' with Maverick Sabre and fellow West London residents and Elevation/Meditation accomplices Louis Culture and Finn Foxell.

From the first to the last second of the project, Lord Apex delivers an array of relatable bars about everyday things, over incredibly tranquil, and at times nostalgic beats. Get your lighter and take in Smoke Sessions 3, out everywhere now.

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