• Levi Wilson

Knucks Takes It To Another Level In His Daily Duppy

When it comes to the most underrated rappers in the UK scene, Knucks is most definitely #1, although he's getting increased praise due to his fantastic mixtape 'NRG105', he still isn't quite at the level of popularity I believe he should have. His lyricism and technicality sets Knucks apart from the rest, not to mention he is also one of the finest, most versatile producers in the land.

In his latest venture, he's been called up by GRM Daily to do a Daily Duppy, something that only a select few in the scene get to do. Coming into this, he had a high level to meet due to the calibre of the Daily Duppies that have come out over the course of 2020, with notable performances from Fredo, Unknown T and Skrapz going viral and garnering widespread approval. Knucks seemed to accept that challenge and matches that level with clever wordplay, fluid and varied flow patterns over a smooth, mellow beat with a retro feel - made even more impressive when you find out the best was produced by Knucks himself. A solid Daily Duppy gets artists a lot of respect in the UK scene and this shows it's time that everyone gives Knucks his due respect.

Check out the Daily Duppy here:

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