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Kink Gangsta, Cash Priest. Dua Saleh Has No Limit.

Dua Saleh once again delivers esoteric, sexual and poetic music with their latest offering 'signs'. They are non-conforming in every sense of the word. The visuals for this video match the track to perfection transposing aggression, sexuality, humour and stark contrasts: bullets, porcelain, a cheeseboard, handguns, melodic singing with hard edge rapping, soft strings with booming 808s, tarot, star signs, leather and a basketball jersey. Their voice is simply unique, haunting and jarring, for other examples of their unique sound check out RE(A)D Ft. Bas or cat scratch from their last EP 'ROSETTA'.

No genre or gender has ever been able confine the non-binary artist from Minnesota and Sudan, Dua Saleh, their name meaning 'righteous prayer' (literal translation in Arabic) is the sum of all their parts. A queer poet, a musician capable of flitting and floating on any sound that they deem fit to communicate their message:

Wait, whoa

What's your sign?

I heard it was freaky, would you like to feel the burn?

Hey, whoa

You want mine?

Maybe I'm a scorpion

Maybe I'm a lion

Hey, whoa

What's that chime?

Gotta get to steppin', other shorties on the line

Hey, whoa

What's that flying?

Is that a pig? Fuck

This song is a banger, undoubtedly. Any random listener may be bopping away and not get the profound meaning and political history that Dua represents but there is absolute certainty that this artist will remain hammering through this boring industry with frightening delivery. Like a scorpion with a buzz saw for a tail.

'signs' out now on all platforms.

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