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Kent Singer Elle Yaya Is Back With New Record Rich Bitch.

Elle Yaya has returned with another taster from her upcoming project Pharmacy.

Serving as a chaotic, enticing and pop-tinged bop, underpinned by the songstresses soulful voice. Rich Bitch hears Elle Yaya set forth a delectable display of dulcet tones that help her unapologetically paint a vibrant portrait of woman, who’s glamorous lifestyle is actually just smoke in mirrors; atop of a playful, electronic-influenced backdrop.

Speaking on the track, Elle said: “The song evokes a time in my life where I literally did nothing. The most important part of my day was getting the ‘right shot’. I was playing a character with a massive ego, but I had no self-esteem. I hated myself, so I roasted myself.

Watch the Rich Bitch music video HERE.

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