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Kay Young Wishes Us ‘Sweet Dreams’ In Her New Single

With boredom waiting at the bottom of our to-do lists, this is a time to sink deeper into the world of new music and discover sounds from artists both old and new. 

Producer and singer Kay Young is someone worth indulging in during this time of uncertainty with a sound that includes elements of lo-fi, mellow rap and slick RnB vocals. ‘Sweet Dreams’ is her first debut single after being discovered in the UK by Jay Electronica and later signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label .   

In the first part of the video that accompanies the track, she is dressed in a straightjacket and dangling upside down before the song takes a more vigorous turn. She navigates us from jazzy chords to rapping about using what’s against her as her fuel over a trap drum beat, while also struggling to break free from the restraints. Young has the ability to create a space where listeners are able to digest her words, holding our attention for the whole duration of the track.

‘Sweet Dreams’ is now available to stream on all platforms, watch and listen below. 

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