• Elle Evans

Journeying Through The Career Of One Of The UK's Well Respected MC's - Blanco

Growing up in Kennington, South London a young and prospering Joshua Eduardo started penning his rhymes from the youthful age of 15; little did he know he was about to become one of the UK’s imperative pioneers of Drill - Blanco.

Discovering his love for music from a young age, Blanco took inspiration from the likes of 50 Cent, Biggie, Dizzee Rascal and Skepta. Following in the footsteps of these well respected pioneers, Blanco started to pen his stories and truths onto paper. Having attended a local youth centre in Kennington, this is where he met the members of Harlem Spartans - South London’s drill pioneers. They soon recognised Blanco’s talent and from then he joined the crew alongside the likes of Loski, Mizormac, Bis, and TG Millian. Ranging in individual styles and personalities, Harlem Spartan’s soon began racking up views with classics such as “Kennington Where it Started” and “Kennginton Bop” - ultimately putting the crew and Kennington on the map. Blanco is a prominent player in the golden era of drill and has since built an undeniable catalogue of music behind him. Known for his intricate gritty bars, street poetics and distinct tone, Blanco made a bold statement and proved his artistry with the 2016 release of “Jason Bourne” - certifying his place as one of the UK’s well respected drill artists. However, the later end of 2018 was an almighty return from the South London rapper, having finished serving his time - Blanco wasted no time in releasing more riddims for his eager supporters. Fresh home, due to such high demand Blanco followed up from his 2016 release with “Return Of Bourne”, a hard hitting track built with the essential components of a drill track - a pounding beat and heavy bass. 2019 saw Blanco switching up from his usual style and entering a new phase with his music, leaving the raw drill sound behind. Having seen the likes of fellow Harlem Spartan member Loski sculpt his own success away from drill, Blanco made it evident he was the next to do so with hit “Ringtone”. Joining forces with the production duo Dr Vades this feel-good track contrasted with his tone and bars perfectly and has now amassed over 3.3 million plays on YouTube alone. Another notable stand-out track that marked his departure was “Mirror Man”, a slick and mellow wave which featured on his “English Dubbed” EP that he released later last year. Spread across 6 tracks, this EP journeyed through his thoughts via his articulate wordplay, witty rhymes and his indisputable storytelling ability, woven over a combination of smooth backdrops - only reinforcing his position in the UK rap game. Taking on 2020 full throttle, Blanco has already collaborated with Donaeo on the menacing banger “Vancouver” as well as with Stay Flee Get Lizzy, Youngs Teflon and RV on the street heater “Handsome G”. Following in the footsteps of his 2019 release “Pull Up”, earlier last month he shared “Shippuden” a backdrop that fused elements of drill’s drums with smooth R&B-like melodies.

Blanco's growth over the years is evident through the use of his lyrical ability and adaptation to new sounds - ultimately certifying himself as one of watch this 2020. Whilst we wait for new music to roll out make sure you listen to "Shippuden" above.

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