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Jords Releases A Timeless Short Film Entitled: "Almost An Adult"

Jords has gifted us with an intimate motion picture which comes as an accessory to his forthcoming self-produced project, “Almost an Adult”. 

Jordan Edwards-Wilks, better known by the moniker of Jords; has been distinguishing himself as a rapper-songwriter through building a solid portfolio of music over the year past few years. His catalogue consists of smooth, pensive rhymes and melodies that glide superbly over his beautifully atmospheric instrumentals. 

The seven-minute film curated by Director and Cinematographer Curtis Essel and Art Director Nwabugo. Pairs four out of the ten single on his mixtape with raw and thought provoking scenes. That boldly explores heavy topics such as; masculinity, faith, bereavement, love, family, race and unity. 

Speaking on the film, “If I make anything it has to mean something. This film is the truest representation of me as an artist and as a man. This represents the journey that I had to take on the way of becoming a man and creating this body of work, has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding things I have ever done.” 

This review will explore the topics mirrored in this piece of timeless art.

Halos featuring Thea Gajic

The film opens with a strong sense of loss and nostalgia. In the early scenes we are presented with photos and clips of the Jords and his late grandparents, both as an infant and adult. Slotted throughout are picturesque beach shots that focus in on the heavens; corresponding with the lyrics, “I know your in a better place, but I wanna see you when I’m wide awake.”; Additionally, we find the artist topless and alone, which suggests a sense of him being at his most vulnerable and honest self, “Looking through the pictures on my phone, if your always with me why do I always feel alone, if your always with me why can’t you call my phone.” 

Mrs Chambers Kitchen Pt. 2

This short film holds an extremely striking cinematic style, which supports how impactful and engaging the offering is. The next frame holds a yellow hue that leans strongly towards green which bodes well with the scenic shots of Jamaica. During, we are met with groups of people donning colourful clothing. Indicating that race and togetherness is at the forefront here, while highlighting the vibrancy and beauty of his birthplace.

Rose Tinted Glasses featuring Jaz Karis

The motif of this scene can be found in the artistic and musical expression of love. We see Jords’ love interest essentially as his muse, while the rapper is self shooting of her in admiration. The style of the cinematography maintains the same yellowy green hue, potentially highlighting beauty of an organic love. 

Patterned Feat. Dotty

Closing on a high note, we arrive in London. The track ‘Patterned’ mirrors the city’s gritty vigour, which is reflected within the last frames, thanks to the high energy performances from Jords and his friends. The focal point of the finale evokes a strong sense of pride, masculinity and unity, representing the pride and the core desires of the heterosexual male who longs for success and being able to provide yourself and others; as he spits, “Tryna out the mandem in mansions, keep my family’s patterned and my main ting is a bad ting, paycheck looking handsome, still pay all my taxes.” 

Watch Almost an Adult above 

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