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JAY1 & Blueface Join Forces Alongside The Plug For New Single

As if 2020 couldn't bring any more surprises, esteemed producer, The Plug, has just released an abrupt new single, bringing JAY1 and Blueface into the mix. The unusual UK/US crossover has left fans across the globe in disbelief.

Following The Plug's highly sought-after album, Plug Talk, back in 2019, we got a taste of what UK and US collaborations might sound like. Hit tracks like How It Is and Tommy & Ghost brought the likes of Roddy Ricch, Chip, Yxng Bane, 67 and Lil Bibby into the equation.

Clearly, The Plug has been testing his limits since then, trying to bring together more contrasting artists on his projects. This latest single, Curvy, has seriously bewildered fans.

A duo like JAY1 and Blueface could only be orchestrated by The Plug; a hybrid beat is introduced allowing both rappers to flow seamlessly between verses. JAY1 kicks off the track and immediately gets to flexing - "money boppin' whilst the gally watching", Blueface is quick to match the energy, bringing in some heavy bars to follow.

Despite the confusion, overall reception to the track is positive with fans acknowledging a good chemistry between the rappers. Both Blueface and JAY1 have reached the Top 10 billboards within their respective countries, so the track was arguably destined to succeed.

Check out Curvy below:

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