• Daniella Francis

If you don’t know about salute’s “Condition III” EP well, you know now!

The young musician and producer salute was born in Vienna and is of Nigerian descent he moved to the UK where he studied in Brighton. Salute’s sound is a mixture of his cultural upbringing, growing up in Sweden, gaining curiosity with gaming soundtracks and moving to the UK. The genres salute integrates in his sound vary from electronic, dubstep, garage, gospel and classical. Salute’s musical creativity has been portrayed through the continuous singles and short packaged EPs he has released. “Condition III” is the most recent EP released from salute continuing from “Condition I” and “Condition II”. The three Condition EPs by salute are wide-ranging and eclectic projects each containing three tracks.

“Condition III” contains the three hypnotic tracks “Feel The Same”, “Lafiya” and “Kudi”. The first track “Feel The Same” salute explains through a Twitter thread “this one went through multiple stages over the course of 18 months. It was initially a slow, super synthy hip hop track”, however this idea was binned. Salute continues to explain the development of this track he mentions, “earlier this year I became super inspired by all the immense UK garage cuts being released by @conductauk and @morenightmusic”. While listening to “Feel The Same” you feel a peaceful fusion between the Electronic and Garage sounds. The repetition in the lyrics compliment the focal point which is the production as it creates the depth, transitions and layers of the track.

The second track “Lafiya” means “health” in Hausa which is one of the spoken languages in Nigeria. Salute explains, “this one is pretty much just pure catharsis…the inspiration for this comes from very early @disclosure, specifically their carnival EP that came out years ago”. The track continues the up-tempo spirit of the EP however, the vibes and melodies are more mellow, calm and smooth in comparison to “Feel The Same”. “Lafiya” seamlessly combines the electronic feel with some soulful tones.

The last track “Kudi” means “Money” in Hausa salute mentions via his twitter thread “I’ve always played music like this in my DJ sets…I made this in a few hours and had mad fun in the process”.

The EP is a standout with outstanding production that engages listeners to listen actively to the various genres, sounds and vibes engraved in this EP.

Go check out salute’s EP “Condition III”!

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