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Highlighting And Thanking All Creative Minds Aiding The Protests

This year has been a year of trauma, isolation, and distress for all people but the plight of black people all over the world has been a longstanding virus within all communities for decades and centuries. Our platform is catered to those within the creative community but we have an obligation to stand by those that are being and have been oppressed for so long. Hatred and bigotry must be exposed and condemned at any turn. All over the world protests and riots are happening to combat the injustice, we appreciate the efforts of every single individual that is part of history and looking to make a lasting change in society. Often public figures in our industry do not make the effort to stand side by side with those in the depths of the protests or speak out. Although this is not an inditement on those people because change can come in various ways, we would like to highlight some of those standing with the people in their own way.

Jamie Foxx

J Cole

Ariana Grande

Machine Gun Kelly

Michael B Jordan

Lauren Jauregi

Lil Yatchy


Cardi B

There are many more in other creative disciplines and locations that are part of this protest, we would like to highlight their efforts also! these individuals are causing change in their own way and if being on the frontines is not for you, below is a way for you to join the movement also.

Sign the George Floyd petition here

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