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Francesca Serves Us Her Sweet New Anthem 'Fantasy'

This stunning Mancunian singer/songwriter has only released one single so far 'wanting me' but is steadily rising within the RnB scene, with 'Fantasy' a sugary and uplifting track that's easy on the ears.

As the release of her debut track skyrocketed up to 200,000 streams on Spotify, Francesca has gained respect from various DJ across Radio 1 who have pushed 'Wanting Me' across the nation. The Rhythm 'n' Bop ditty having those key elements to a hot summery feel landed Francesca her first commercial partnership with Pretty Little Thing only five months into her career.

As Francesca tries to stay true to her wide musical identity which was drawn from iconic figures such as Lauryn Hill and more modern sounds of H.E.R, she mixes it with a beat-driven vibe with sounds similar to the likes of KAYTRANADA. She blends ideas of traditional hip-hop with seamless house sounds to create something relaxing and groove-driven. With her latest single 'Fantasy', Francesca gives it her all in this house-inspired and hazy number, in which she speaks on the undeniable love she has for a toxic lover.

The video for the track, directed by herself and CharlieTheShooter, has Francesca driving through scenic backgrounds and strutting through the city in red stilettos. She serves us a warm and uplifting track that is definitely perfect for any occasion. Watch the video for 'Fantasy' right here!

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