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Fireboy DML Following a New Direction in ‘Someone’

After taking a long needed break from the spotlight, Nigerian new school superstar Fireboy DML finally returns with his first single of the year ‘Someone.’ Originally sharing a snippet with fans on March 13th, it was not until late April that Fireboy took to instagram to announce the official release date of his highly-anticipated new banger. In combination of powerful yet personal visuals and an eclectic sound, the ‘Peru’ singer is revealing a completely new side of himself, which could come from the direct influence of a special someone.

Fireboy DML first started making noise in 2019, releasing a timeless joint ‘Jealous’ which was followed by a groundbreaking album ‘Laughter, Tears & Goosebumps’ that took the Nigerian music industry by storm. At the time, not much was known about this newcomer that appeared to have come out of nowhere. Regardless, Fireboy was evidently an emerging artist to watch and quickly made his way to the top of the Afrobeat landscape. Perhaps his most popular song yet was lead single ‘Peru,’ from his latest album ‘Playboy,’ which really took off when Ed Sheeran was featured on the remix version. Ever since, Fireboy became a staple in our ears and this new release could possibly be his chance of making his own mark such as music rival Rema and his signature sound that keeps on giving.


On latest single ‘Someone,’ Fireboy DML makes proof of his versatility, blending African rhythms on a house music instrumental, his first attempt ever since he erupted in 2019. The heartfelt message is clear: “But if you leave / what happens to me?” But, that does not make it easier to watch as Fireboy is ramped from city to city, performance to performance, trying to keep his love interest intact.

At first, the visuals suggest the pair to be flowing naturally despite the circumstances and Fireboy touring from city to city. As the video progresses, one is shown glimpses of trials and tribulations, arguing with his lover while having to prioritise his career. This personifies the lyrics in which he sings and gives fans the opportunity to have a visual experience of the pain and fear Fireboy describes when he sings: “Take my time / don’t take my life.”

In the final stage, the music suddenly stops as we’re introduced to an argument that seems to have been boiling up for a while and finally given an explanation on the sad facial expressions the lover has shown throughout the music video. She reveals to Fireboy that she feels left out and does not understand her place in his current hectic lifestyle, while he views it as part of his job and which he can not compromise. However, this is not your typical breakup ending as the two lovers seem to reconcile and get back on the road as the show must continue.


With an approach both sonically and lyrically that could have been easily taken from the music book of Toronto legend Drake and his 2022 House-inspired album ‘Honestly, Nevermind,’ Fireboy first single of the year is a hard pill to swallow, at first, but destined to grow on one once his new chapter in music has settled in. For the past months, while the world of music focused on its favourite artists and new cats coming up on Tik-Tok every week, Fireboy was stuck on an European tour, which seems to have left a tremendous impact on him.

While ‘Someone’ is a love story girls could only dream of, it is Fireboy’s most intimate song yet, depicting a love that he feels deeply for and he is afraid to lose. The dance beat and harmonic vocals is only the cherry on top, making the single a hit that can be enjoyed in the club as much as during a ride home.

It is not often that an artist is open about their everyday life, which includes countless hours of touring, travelling and interacting with fans. The music video provided an insight into the world of Fireboy during his much needed absence and all of the different walks he’s been exposed to at a cryptic time. Moreover, it shares light on the difficulties of a celebrity finding themselves in a relationship, trying to combine and balance their career as much as their personal life.

If there’s one thing that you can take away from Fireboy DML’s journey thus far is that the Lagos-based artist is not known for playing it safe and always pushes himself further in his music, which comes out almost naturally for him. Whether his new direction will shake the Afrobeat world and leave supporters wanting for more is up for debate.