• Shona Moran

FENTY'S Latest '6-20' Drop Launched Exclusively on Farfetch

Rihanna-led-label FENTY recently unveiled their final instalment of the brand’s summer collection, titled ‘Release 6-20’, with support from their new exclusive retail partner Farfetch. The series has kept FENTY fans on their toes this summer, and the most recent launch represents the culmination of the season - arriving subsequent to previous reveals, part of the highly-anticipated three-part summer series that first came to our attention in June.

Release 6-20 is ultimately an extension of Rihanna’s ideologies, undoubtedly intertwined with the ethos of FENTY as a brand. What sits at the heart of FENTY is diversity, the brand famously caters to all customers regardless of size, race or gender, empowering their customers and making room for a celebration of individuality within luxury fashion. It is with no surprise that in line with this purpose, FENTY has elevated their reach to global markets by partnering with Farfetch, similarly known to place the community at the centre of the brand's love for fashion. As a result of this union, Farfetch will now feature FENTY’s latest releases, including Release 6-20 summer pieces, Amina Muaddi-designed FENTY shoes, and all pieces from FENTY’s 2020 releases.

The summer collection draws inspiration from youth movements, subcultures and street style - which has consistently been the foundation of the signature FENTY style. For this release, FENTY has explored decades of youth aesthetics, pulling together a range of pieces that embody the free-thinking and curious nature of younger generations. Each drop is said to symbolise different aspects of today's culture, all while borrowing inspiration from ‘90s and ‘00s nostalgia and reimaging styles that emerged during periods of steep social change.

Drop 3 features an array of psychedelic prints, utilising a vibrant, optimistic colour palette in a bid to represent the undying sense of freedom and hope that exists within young people. The vision behind the final release, expressed through various style cues, points towards 70s inspired prints, acknowledging the cultural change and distinctive trends that define the period. FENTY incorporates a modern twist, through innovative craft and a unique concept, allowing these multilayered references to feel relevant to modern-day fashion. FENTY meticulously entwines a weighted history of youth movements and subcultures - identified by iconic periods of fashion history, with everyday essentials like T-shirts, hoodies, leggings and shirts. The range includes oversized grunge hoodies, baggy rave silhouettes and form-fitting asymmetric dresses, uniquely combining both streetwear influences and elevated evening-wear shapes as seen in the 90s.

FENTY also introduces its new multifunctional jewellery collection in this drop, featuring psyche flower charms in the form of earrings and necklaces. The delicate, yet stand-out designs of the jewellery fall in line with flower-power esque motifs in a continued reference to peaceful ideologies associated with the subculture that originated in the psychedelic experience of the 60s.

In all, the arrival of drop 3 completes FENTY’S summer collection, which embodies “the free, fun spirit, and limitless possibilities of youth,” both aesthetically and meaningfully.

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