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Dwara Drops Debut Single 'Power'

Born in Finland and now residing in London eccentric songstress Dwara proves to be one to watch after releasing her debut single 'Power' this week which is as equally bold and dynamic as the artist herself. Power is genre-bending yet current, demanding for attention without having to ask twice, fusing the singer's adoration of Indian classical music with Flamenco resulting in a sonic and aesthetic that is truly sui generis. Growing up with a rich, multicultural childhood, Dwara spent time travelling and living in different countries including a boarding school in the foothills of the Himalayas in India, which is where she gained her distinct vocal ability by the way. Arriving in London at sixteen Dwara has been sharpening her skills performing in bands and for other artists, her music is a direct result of this upbringing, both refreshing and nostalgic. Inspired by the likes of alt-J, Bon Iver, Hiatus Kaiyote, Maggie Rogers and Rosalia, the up and coming artist boasts incredibly introspective lyrics and a voice capable of both immense softness and roaring power. A smart choice for her first release, Power is the middle ground where pop and experimental meet, giving the listener a flavour of who she is whilst leaving everyone hungry for more.

Cause my name isn’t velvet on your lips,

there is no taste left in this kiss.

hand of a stranger resting on my hips,

words said out loud are but a hiss...

Speaking on 'Power' and her own musicality Dwara writes:

Music is a therapeutic release for me - its a tool for introspection. 'Power' is no exception with it’s flamenco inspired storyline. I love indian classical music, and flamenco is actually derived from there, which is why i took such a strong interest in the sound. We started writing it with my producer Khotton Palm playing around with ideas on acoustic guitar. He had the basic chords down, and I started trying out melodies. We had just talked about the spanish folk-tale about the weeping woman, “ La Llorona” which is where the lyrics started building from. The production takes on sounds from nature, like the birds in the verses and thunder in the chorus - we wanted this to create a grounded and earthy vibe. I think it shows very well what both me and Khotton Palm love about music. We wanted the chorus to completely surprise the listener with it’s authority. But ultimately, what i was after, is the feeling of leaning on my femininity and trusting it - being sweet but powerful with vocals and words.

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