• Daniella Francis

DVSN Blesses Fans With Their Emotive New Single!

The RnB infused duo are known for effortlessly transpiring warm and soulful feels through their music and their new single “Blessings”, does exactly that! DVSN intertwines religion with passion and love throughout Blessings as Daniel sings about marriage and Nineteen85 samples Gospel. Even though, the new single is filled with religious references and Gospel samples the duo doesn’t refrain from the double entendres, using the religious connotations to hint at sensual references. Nineteen85 and Daley are both preparing for their forthcoming project “Amusing Her Feelings” which follows after their 2020 drop “A Muse in Her Feelings”. Nineteen85 mentions, “We do kind of take you on a roller coaster—it goes up and down a few times, it starts off pretty sad and then it gets happier, and then you get started again.” The duos ability to evoke feelings and take fans on an emotional journey shows the depths in the duo’s musicality leading to authentic connections with their listeners and fans. Check out DVSN’s new passion-filled single “Blessings” below, and be on the lookout for their new, exciting project!

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